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fresh faces & synergy

We have some fresh faces these days, Thin Rail's music is feeling authentic, creative and invigorating to each of us. I am the quintessential guitar player's girlfriend who was asked to join the band. I embrace my title and laugh off the ridiculousness of the story.

Creativity is swirling in our hearts, and being silly and passionate has graced us as a group. Each of the five band members: Jeff, Jeremy. Corey, Chad and (me) Angela have stumbled upon something tremendous in our Portland band. We are simply having a lot of fun., and from that fun, we hope to create music that will enrich your life when you hear it.

I am returning to fronting a band after almost 7 years without regularly singing. The excitement and fear are equal. I feel both confident and very sure my boyfriend and the other boys will ask me to leave at any second because my chops aren't up to snuff.

I have a voice to get back into optimal shape, and for the first time in my life, I am singing original music. I feel off the 'thin rail' most of the time in my new role, and I am not entirely sure of my footing. Original music has its special challenges. A singer has to interpret the music and lyrics to sing with conviction. Jeremy is helping me immensely with timing and cue., while Chad and Corey are starting to join in on the 3rd and 4th part harmonies. I had no idea we had so many competent singers in the band and neither did Jeff. The band is giving positive feedback to me that I didn't know I needed, but I do. Sometimes I feel like I am a new puppy who needs positive reinforcement to train. Either way if it works right? Jeff and I are enjoying playing music at home together, and I am still trying to figure out how my fabulous best friend is somewhat of a introvert on stage. I am not sure his demeanor will ever change,. You know how it goes when you try to change your man ladies!

We talk about the music openly. We feel lucky to be experiencing our current synergy. The rhythm section is getting tighter, the band is hitting song transitions more and more. Thankfully, there is no ego that shows up to practice, New ideas are discussed, feelings aren't hurt, and we have a place to be playful and creative. We listen, we offer new ideas, we laugh, we drink a few beers, and we discover again why we love to be in a band. The synergy is complementary and I am thrilled to be around so much talent. Let's see what we can create in this space.

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